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HB7/SB72 COVID Liability Immunity

HB7/SB72 is an industry backed COVID liability immunity bill that basically gives blanket immunity to corporations, businesses, government agencies, schools, and religious organizations who put their clients, customers, students, employees and incarcerated people at high risk of COVID without any accountability for their actions.

CURRENT STATUS - Passed all its House committee's and waiting to be put on the House Floor. On Senate Commerce and Tourism Agenda for:

HELP STOP HB7/SB74 - SEND an EMAIL to your Florida Legislators and ask them to OPPOSE HB7/SB74

Immunity is a dangerous answer to a non-existent problem: There has been no rush of COVID lawsuits against health care providers and businesses. The real threat to businesses is not their customers, patients or lawyers, it is insurance companies. The vast majority of Florida COVID claims this year are from businesses suing their insurance companies. Our front-line heroes and seniors deserve our support and protection -- not a scheme to block accountability for irresponsible corporations.

Barely 1.5 percent of all Florida COVID claims this year have been personal injury or health-related cases. There simply is no problem to fix – because the vast majority of businesses and employers have responded to this pandemic responsibly. To rebuild Florida’s economy, we need to restore public confidence and ensure the safety of all Floridians. Eliminating accountability and incentives for businesses to reopen safely is the worst message to send.

We all want our economy back up and running and to do that we need businesses operating safely and Floridians back at work. We need to be united for Florida’s business including laws that keep everyone safe and healthy.