Priority Bills 2021

STOP SB582/HB241 the Unsafe School or so-called "Parental Rights" Bill

SB582/HB241 the Unsafe Schools (aka “Parents Rights”) Bill is model legislation from ultra-conservative groups that presents a false dichotomy of the state's rights vs. parents' rights when it comes to youth. Passage of such legislation will dissuade or prohibit some minors from receiving the services they need, including preventative care, wellness exams, mental health care, and reproductive health care.

HB7/SB72 COVID Liability Immunity

HB7/SB72 is an industry backed COVID liability immunity bill that basically gives blanket immunity to corporations, businesses, government agencies, schools, and religious organizations who put their clients, customers, students, employees and incarcerated people at high risk of COVID without any accountability for their actions.

HB1/SB484 DeSantis Anti-Protest Bill

Florida Legislators’ are fast-tracking Governor Ron DeSantis’ 52 page bill (HB1/SB484) which supports draconian police state measures to criminalize Black Lives Matter protestors and peaceful dissenters in the state.

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